Global Erotic Warming



Ah!  I loved jamming in the early morning in a hip club in Paris live and having people around the world see and hear usโ€ฆ  And we did not even have to leave our house in Berkeley Ca.!  We were asked to be a part of a worldwide online live streaming musical Marathon, THE NON STOP MUSIC PLANET.  This Marathon was a 24 hour journey around the world, streaming musical performances back to Paris.  It turns out we were one of just four acts from the United States.  The other performances were in Europe, South America, etc. So our piece was an hour jam, The Global Erotic Warming.  In Paris, they were fast cutting back and forth among various actsโ€ฆ  Until we came on.  Then they stayed with us for 45 minutes!  They even got a better player for projecting us on the big screens.  We also streamed the jam on LUVER.  Funny, in the room here, it was intimate and cozy.  Most of us have played together for years.   And the new player, Ava, melted right in and played within the trance.   But it was then injected into what I imagine was a very hip scene.   Funny where we pop up!

We were checking out the Non Stop Music Planet website, which was really neat, watching them flip between different musical acts in progress in different areas of the world … Mumbai, India, to Italy, to Poland …
Soon the jam was starting … NSMP was trying to tune us in … really neat to watch the whole process unfolding.  The jam was really neat, and seemed to just get more and more trance/dreamlike … we imagined that it was just the perfect thing to listen to/watch in Paris at 5 in the morning after almost 20 hours of nonstop music …  Beautiful camshots of everyone!
Meanwhile we ate, and the sauce cooked away …  NSMP kept the jam tuned in for 45 minutes straight … and the jam went on … it felt like it didn’t want to stop after Linda named the band members!
Alexi continued on the sauce, and Corey sent camshots, handed back the stream … soon we were coming down to break down the set … a fun conversation going on in the mac room … histories and long friendships and Ava Bird’s first jam!  What a fun night!

I got dressed real quick and came down.  Lob and Yvette were there, along with Tomek.  Soon Ava showed up too, the poet from the People’s Park Anniversary.  I got the toy instruments out and showed them to her, and then we were off on our musical journey.

Frank was working the piano and chimes, Tomek was playing rhythms on the electronic keyboard, and also the roto-toms, accordion and clarinet.  Lob was on bass, and Ava and I had the toy instruments and did vocals with Frank as well.  It was amazing!!  It felt like we were all loose and exploring, and then something would take hold and we would be in the groove together, so much at times we were really trancing out.  The rhythms and the intricate sounds all flowing in and out of each other.  It was a lot of fun and sounded really great.  Mikee mixed and Linda was exploring everything with the video camera.  Yvette took pictures and watched and listened.  We all had such a great time playing!

The music surged through all different stages, slow and floating to grinding and pumping, creating landscapes in that cozy space.  When we got to the end there was a final ta-da!  Really neat that this was being put on the internet live to a gallery in Paris!  Tomek and Ava asked to see the video, so Mikee set it up in the Mac room.  Really fun to watch and hear because it is so different than experiencing it from within.  We heard that the gallery in Paris showed it for 45 minutes straight once they got a good feed.  Really cool!  We could now also hear Mikee’s awesome mixing, playing with the layers of sound and effects.  Everyone wanted a copy.

Then Lob and Frank talked about how they met during the earliest years of the internet.  Even before that on Bulleting Board Systems!  Really amazing to hear how far the web has come in such a short time.  Also fun to hear how Lob met Frank doing the same things, emailing everyone they knew about every event that was happening.  Then Lob and Yvette left to drive back to Sacramento.  We talked with Tomek and Ava about the last Temescal performance and how the performances affect people.  How they take people out of their boxes and show them what’s possible, and how this makes some people really uncomfortable.  But some people, like Kene-J and Tomek, like this uncertainty, the unexpected.  It is where they feel most comfortable.  Ava has just moved up here and said that she was in a band like this back in L.A., so she was really glad to have met us and be a part of this too.  Frank invited her to the next Temescal performance, and also just to come and talk with him.

All-Stars in the Non Stop Music Planet’s world-wide 24-hour streaming festival

On LUVER.COM Saturday May 30th at 8 P.M. Pacific time

FRANK MOORE’S CHEROTIC ALL-STAR BAND will perform GLOBAL EROTIC WARMING, an hour long jam live on …ย  Psychedelic intimate journey into a shamanistic dreamscape.

It is a part of a 24 hour online global Marathon.

It will be fun!ย  And if everything works, we’ll be on a big screen in Paris live!…ย  “All your performances will be casted in a public venue on 3 screens (mixed by several directors at Point Ephemere in Paris- on the web:– where a sound system also a final output will be displayed and available on the web (it can be used as a source for anyone who wants) every hour there are people streaming from another time zone.” But here we shall just be playing together!

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